Thursday, December 16, 2010

Brick and Motor

Hey man, I appreciate that you were in a hurry but it doesn't excuse your behaviour. Everyone was equally distressed about the state of the roads. You acted like a bully, admit it. You used your large size and trauma-induced fearlessness to intimidate the little guy. You got what you wanted but we were stuck behind you. You managed to clear the intersection no problem and advance to the next leg of your journey. I just hope you know what you did and that you feel sorry for it because you should. Common courtesy would have gone a long way and if you really needed to be in that lane we would have let you. Maybe you were just afraid that you would miss your exit and it was that motivation that led you to act like that. Maybe I am being too harsh in assuming your motives were sinister but you did the same thing to us. You assumed we wouldn't let you in. We are both making assumptions but the only difference is that my assumption won't cause an accident. My assumption is being done right now and it is a judgement based on no evidence and only one incident but it is harmless. It isn't any more right but it is more safe. If you are going to make assumptions make the safer ones.
If you didn't really mean to cut us off and you are sorry; your apology is accepted.
If you knew full well what you were doing; eat a dick.

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