Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ring tone loc

I love when a new cell phone model comes out and for the next few months everyone has the same ringtone.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lighthouse Park

Went to Lighthouse Park today. One of the first excursions since my glorious return and it was a good one. Sunshine and clear skies the whole day. Park wasn't too busy, which is always good and we managed to stake out a good spot on a slope near a little lagooney place. We saw two slugs and I saw an eagle flying in the sky, ever so free. I decided to take a picture after watching it for like 5 minutes just circling in the air. I looked down to get my phone out and as soon as I was ready to take the picture it fucking vanished. I was super annoyed at nature so I didn't recycle a can later in the day.Then we hit up an italian place and I ate way too much. All in all it was a good day.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cottage Cheese

So this past weekend I went up to my friends' cottage. We drove up on a nice sunny morning where I was extremely hungover to discover that the longer we drove the darker it got outside. When the raining started it was light at first but then eventually descended into a near-torrent but then subsided enough when we had to bring our stuff inside that we only got marginally wet. So we spent the majority of Saturday inside playing boardgames. We started playing a zombie card game that nearly broke many friendships but in the end it was all good fun and no one ever wants to play the game again. But at least we ate very well the whole time.
The next day we were greeted by slightly sunny skies and we decided to take a trip down to the beach. Once upon the beach we could see dark clouds rolling in and we got stuck outside when the rain came. So a mad dash to the car was in order. On the drive home the rain was so bad it was like the clouds were vomiting all over us instead of crying. It was actually insane. We learned later that there was a tornado in a town not too far from where we were. Holy crazy weather batman. But we survived the storm and spent the rest of the time indoors except to barbecue because that is apparently what Canadians do. Again, we ate very well (breakfast was also stellar, in case I didn't mention it).
Then it was time to drive home where my chauffeur and I saw a nearly perfect, full rainbow (what does it mean?).
Good trip, sun would only have ruined it.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dealings and Wheelings

So I watched Rome and it was awesome to the maximum. Then I spent two hours updating my old computer and installing iTunes 10 so that I could connect my iPhone to it and transfer songs to my new computer that I missed so many years ago when I got my new facebook machine. However, it turns out that technology is mega-rad and I don't even need to use an external hardrive/flashdrive of any kind because I can do it wirelessly over my home network. So now I have a huge tech boner but it'll go away as soon as I get a slow internet connection.
Aaaaaand, now that Rome is done I have started watching The Wire because I need to occupy my time somehow amirite?