Burden on the West Coast is a little project of mine. It was created as a means to keep people informed of my wheelings and dealings out west but quickly devolved into something different. It became the depository for all the primordial thoughts that seep out of my undersized brain. All these protozoic ideas are to be collected in a single space in the hopes that it may one day give rise to something grand and excellent.
While the blog does still contain mundane information about "stuff" I "do" it also functions as a Genesis Device.
So feel free to check it out merely to make sure I am still alive and you can post your fondness or disdain in the comments section. Or if you are ready to embark on a journey through the annals of my cranium you can use this site as a means of inception by leaving a comment.

Let's boldly go where no one really wants to and not pay for things we eat out of the mini-bar.