Thursday, October 7, 2010

Insert Appropriate Whitesnake Lyric

There is a looming heaviness on the horizon. Beyond that lies something dark and treacherous. It will be an interesting weekend to say the least. But I must prevail. I will prevail. I feel the vice grip a little tighter every day and hopefully after this weekend I will feel the glorious relief of it receding by a few turns before it starts to wind again.
In my desperate need for inspiration and reassurance I am reminded of a parable my father once told me:

"Two men walk down a road in a wood. They each carry packs that are heavy and burdensome. Eventually they start to get weary when they come to a fork. The path to the right leads to certain doom and the path to the left also leads to certain doom. Their packs are heavy and they can't take the weight for much longer. They must decide quickly or it will certainly be their doom"

It's actually not that helpful.

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