Monday, September 21, 2009

I can't punctuate for shit

I was watching Canada's Super Speller and realized that I am an amazing speller. I was holding my own with most of the contestants on the show. My elated sense of myself was brutally cut down to size when I read my last blog entry and discovered my literary liability that cut my celebration of my skills short. I did not punctuate "friend's" appropriately. I could not fathom how the evidence that I was a fucking AHMAZEENG spellar could be juxtaposed with the horrendous truth that my punctuation sucked Buffalo buffalo balls.
I guess I always struggled with punctuation and paid it no heed because of my dear friend SpellCheck. Where the average person gets a large number of words underlined in red I, on the other hand, receive tremendous amounts of green.
It is a hardship that I must endure on my own, just as blind people persevere despite their disability. I guess each person is born with some type of fault and I guess mine is not being able to punctuate correctly .

I suck at punctuating. It feels so liberating to say.

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