Monday, June 1, 2009

That's right, I started a blog

Wanna fight about it?
I figured that this would be an efficient and inexpensive way to keep in touch with people while I am out galavanting on the West coast. And as I am sure many people don't want to hear about what I get up to (it can get kind of "blue") I have discovered a medium that allows people to check or not check at their own leisure and convenience. 

I am making the transition from Facebook to here because what I initially intended to do on Facebook in the form of notes was basically a blog anyway and I figure that this is a good test run for how well the blog works/how often I update/how many people enjoy it/how long the internet is around for (I think its 15 minutes are over). So I will be a "blogger" for the summer and then perhaps into the fall if I feel so inclined. 

So this is it, this is everything, this are you?..I am good.

I already wrote an update on FB so I will probably not get a meaty blog for a little while but I may also use this as a conduit to express my:
1. Opinions about various things
2. Hopes and dreams
3. Fears and ways that I would prefer NOT to die
4. Turn ons and ways that I WOULD prefer to die whilst on a date
5. Information about science and technology
6. Information about religion and technology
7. Music reviews
8. Film reviews
9. Various witty remarks that are made when no one is around
10. My bigoted and prejudiced views on all races that end in "ish", "an" and "ese" and all religions that end in "ism", "lam" or "ity"

I won't keep you in stitches any longer because I need to read the book Wicked, so I will leave you to ponder the consequences and repercussions of me having this blog.

Being a burden on you from across the: country/ocean/universe,

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