Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm Looking At You, J.J. Abrams

Now I don't want to hit a sore spot but I just can't reconcile how I feel like a remake of Aliens would be justified with my overall distaste for when movies are remade.
The movie is amazing on its own and it doesn't need retelling but dammit it's tempting to remake it so that we can focus more on the technology side and make it more visually appealing. That was a big part of the movie, the effects, but the acting and story were tantamount to its awesomeness as well so perhaps one aspect of a film isn't enough of a reason for a total remake. I mean, unless we could get all the same actors to reprise their roles and create a machine that makes them reverse-age at least 20 years. Then it would be easy. Just remake the movie but up the effects and try and make some of the camera shots easier to see. We could also get like full action shots of the aliens, which would look cool. But therein lies another problem. The desire to make the aliens completely CG. I think real models go a long way in terms of believability when they are on camera. What makes them seem like a movie prop is when we never see a full shot of one moving for more than a split second. Imagine if we could somehow watch them crawling all over the place for multiple seconds without them being CG? I guess we can't even really do that now so maybe it seems like a pipe dream but that is the ideal case for the Aliens remake. Get the same actors or ones that are better and then don't blow your computer graphics load all at once and make the aliens completely computer rendered. Rather, take it slow and enjoy yourself. Don't get too riled up too fast. Ease into a tantric real-model special effects based movie and watch your wad shot in HD and see how amazing it looks. If that happened to me I would definitely call again.

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