Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Think I Just Leroy Jenkins-ed This Shit

Been a while. Lots of things have happened. Let's keep it short: worked a bit made a little money and am now in freakout mode. I went to some friends' wedding (the same wedding; they were both my friend, independently of each other) which was awesome as well. That was quite nice. But now it's just you and me again isn't it, Internet. I want to throw my concerns and worries into you like paper inside glass bottles being hurled into the sea. Back in the 20's sending out a message in a bottle would have been similar to writing a blog on the internet but with less assurance that someone (or anyone) would read it. Although, this blog in particular compares pretty closely. But I wonder if perhaps in the future unnecessary blogs like this would be considered littering, as messages in bottles would be considered today. There's a thought to consider. Another one to consider is this:

Biggest mistake ever or just staying the course to better things?

I'm actually probably more like Hamlet than Leroy since he doesn't do anything whereas Mr. Jenkins is obviously a go-getter.

I'm actually probably more like that one pretentious asshole you know (hopefully there's only one) who compares themselves to characters from Shakespeare. FML

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