Friday, February 12, 2010

The Sky Is Crying

I am hesitant to write a blog about real events. It seems that this page becomes more and more an outlet where I can vent some pent-up creativity. I guess that can still be true even if I am writing entries that apply to my daily life but it also seems like my daily life is so uninteresting. However, I have no particularly interesting stories (fantastical) to tell and I enjoy the sound of clacking keys so I will parlay some information about my life.


There, that's it. No specifics. I don't want to make the anonymous users of the internet jealous if they happen to have just completed or (even worse) completed a long time ago a bachelor of education and are looking for a job. I guess I narrowed down the field a bit and probably achieved what I set out not to. But isn't that the way it always goes?

A desire to teach has been rekindled and continues to be around 1:05pm on weekdays but my apathy seems to grow throughout the rest of the day and I find myself thinking that it isn't me, it's them. That attitude doesn't really help anybody and I am only consoled by the fact that a partial few actually do understand some things but that also has nothing to do with me.
I find it scary that in most cases involving students their academic careers are almost completely decided by them. The instructor has very little control in the sense that the marks are there for those who want to get them. I never knew how easy it is to get marks and succeed. However, I know this only as a result of experience so maybe it's not too much of a missed opportunity and more of a right of passage that leads all adults to conclude that all children are stupid, unmotivated and lazy. Two generalizations that are real almost all of the time (don't forget that adults have no souls and have forgotten the true meaning of life).

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